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2017-06-12 10:15:25 by Ak1ra

Hello! This is my first news post!

Here's some stuff that i like:)

I really like boomkitty's new song, you should check it.

I also like MY EARS!, a song by B1KMusic.

Aaand I like Striker(extended) by waterflame. I like the weird voices at the beginning.

I also like Geometry Dash, but im not a 9 year old gd fan.

Here's some stuff that i hate>:(

I hate the new f777 album, Raptor 2. SERIOUSLY F777?

I also hate clutterfunk 2 by waterflame cuz its a bad song :(

Nobody is never going to read this btw :(((

I've made an electronic version of "O mio babbino caro" by G.Puccini with FL studio.

JK, i dont know how to use fl studio

I used GarageBand

Its great:)